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How To Create A Scenario?

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If this is posted in the wrong section, mods please move.

I see there are now some user created scenarios available. This seems an excellent way to set up a series of shorter runs in SP mode to explore the entire route, pending a better SP game and of course save/load or checkpoint feature.

However can someone please enlighten me as to how to actually create a scenario? I can't see any editor, official or unofficial, just a Scenario Manager.

Is it just a case of scripting them in Notepad or a spreadsheet app or is it more complex.

Any information appreciated.

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You have to edit (with Notepad, or other) the files inside "...\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\SimRail\SimRail_Data\StreamingAssets\Sceneries\1_KatowiceWarszawa\Scenarios" or "2_StaszicSedziszow\Scenarios".

For a new scenario, take an existing scenario and duplicate it.

Then you have to edit the "ScenarioManifest.xml" (easy) and the "scenario.json" file, or other name (more obvious).

The .json file is easy to understand BUT there is a difficult part (knowing the internal path number of the track, where you want your scenario is beginning, or pass through).

I don't know another solution than trying and look where you are.

extract of a "scenario.json" :

            "$type": "SimrailEvent.TrafficCommand",
            "commandText": "~03|~02|~0C|WZD_B|~15|~00~00~00~00~00~00~00~00|WZD_K8|- Id: 468905227~0D~0A  Start: WZD_B~0D~0A  End: WZD_K8~0D~0A  StartStation: ~0D~0A  StartLineNumber: 0~0D~0A  StartTrackNumber: 0~0D~0A  StartMainDir: false~0D~0A  EndStation: ~0D~0A  EndLineNumber: 0~0D~0A  EndTrackNumber: 0~0D~0A  EndMainDir: true~0D~0A  Type: Poci~C4~85gowy~0D~0A  Points: []~0D~0A  Options: []~0D~0A  ActiveIsolateds: ~0D~0A"

The difficult point is to know where is the "Start" and "End" zone ('WZD_B~0D~0A" in my example).

And, in a similar manner, what's the name of the track where I want to pass.

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