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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the SimRail S.A. Forum

This document is the fulfillment of the information obligation imposed on SimRail S.A. Article 13 of the General Data Protection Regulation of 27 April 2016. From this document, the User will learn what information SimRail S.A collects about him and what it is used for, where it is stored and how it is protected. The Company will also indicate the users rights regarding this information.

1. Who we are?
1.1 The administrator of personal data is SimRail S.A., with its registered office at Juliusza Kossaka street 7, postcode : 40-653 in Katowice city (hereinafter referred to as "SimRail S.A." or "Company") operator of the Forum SimRailEU (hereinafter "Forum").    
1.2 The User may contact the Company by e-mail: contact@simrail.eu or by traditional mail to the address of the Company's registered office at Juliusza Kossaka street 7, postcode : 40-653 in Katowice city. Please add the recipient - Inspector of Personal Data

2. Regulations of this Privacy Policy
2.1. Personal data means all information that allows you to identify the User as a specific person. On the Forum, this applies primarily to technical data (e.g. User ID, Forum Personalization), Steam Account ID, Login and e-mail address.    
2.2. The presented Privacy Policy applies in particular to personal data and any other information that the Company receives from the User when using the Forum.    
2.3. The User's data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of law on the matter of personal data in the European Union    
2.4. Personal data covered by this Privacy Policy are used by SimRail S.A. and SimRail S.A. is the administrator of personal data within the meaning of the European Union personal data protection act.    
2.5. Cookies are a separate category of data that is described in the "Cookies Policy"    
2.6. Login to the SimRail Forum takes place via the Steam platform. More information about Steam's Privacy Policy and their data processing can be found here.

3.  Information that the Company collects and how it collects it
3.1 By logging in via the Steam account, the User provides the Company with his:
a). username (Steam login), 
b). e-mail address and 
c). unique user ID.
Along with importing data from the Steam account, the User may change information about himself, his profile picture, and even his e-mail address in his account settings on the SimRail S.A. Forum. When a User logs into the Forum through a Steam Platform account, Steam will provide the Company with some information about the User, which is: 
a) Unique Steam user number
b) Avatar
c) Email address
The above information is provided under the terms of use of the Steam Platform. Thus, the User can check his Privacy settings on Steam.
3.2 By using the Forum, the Company may collect the following information:
a) Login, e-mail → Login is used to log in to Steam. After logging into the Steam platform, the User will be redirected to our Forum. In the case of public actions on the part of the User, such as statements on the Forum, the User's login will be presented to other users of the Forum. The e-mail is used by the Company to identify the Forum user in the Company's database. In addition, the e-mail address will be used by the Company for technical contact.
b) IP address, date of logging into the Forum and the browser used by the User → these data will be processed by the Company for security purposes. The company will try to prevent abuse on the Forum, and the above data will help in this.
c) Technical data → it is e.g. User ID, settings of favorite threads or those that the User wants to ignore or, for example, Forum personalization settings. These data enable the use of the Forum and also make the time spent on it more pleasant through activities such as displaying threads of interest to the User. Thus, they help the Company to adapt the Forum to what is most important to the User.
d) Other information that is required and will allow the Company to contact the User in the event of questions or requests via e-mail or post.
3.3 SimRail S.A. as a game publisher, will download information from the Steam Platform about purchased products of our Company. This will allow the Forum to be adapted to the User's products and preferences.
3.4 Below, the Company presents the methods of data collection, processing and use:
a) Information that the User provides to the Company while using our Forum,
b) Data and information provided by the User when contacting the Company,

4. Reasons why the Company uses the User's personal data
4.1 The Company processes the User's data because it is necessary to use the service of our Forum, in particular:
a) So that users can freely manage their account and that the Company can also handle it, even when solving technical problems
b) To handle requests that the User has submitted to the Company
c) Contacting the User, which is closely related to the above point b)
4.2 On SimRail S.A. also have the following legal obligations:
a) Users between the ages of 13 and 16 may use the forum only with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. If you are the parent or legal guardian of such a child and you read our Privacy Policy and have questions regarding the processing of your child's data - write to the Company at: contact@simrail.eu
4.3 The Company processes the User's data also for security reasons and the legitimate legal interest of the Company:
a) The Company monitors the User's activity on the Forum for the purpose of security and verification of compliance with the Forum Regulations, thanks to which the Company can combat abuse and prevent potential fraud. Thus, the Company improves the quality of the service provided on the Forum, detects errors and, by eliminating them, improves the functionality of the Forum
b) The Company handling the User's correspondence, in particular by directing a direct reply to it

5. Storage of User data - how the Company protects them
5.1 All data that the User provided to the Company is stored on the Company's internal servers, which have special technical protection. The Company strengthens the protection of Users' data through the internal organization of server security against unlawful processing or against damage or loss of data provided to the Company.
5.2 The User's data will be stored in the Company as long as it is required to provide the Forum service, or in special cases, this period may be extended, e.g. due to legal requirements and conditions. Below, the Company presents on what basis we will store the User's data and when this data will be deleted:
a) The User's data will be stored on the Company's servers for the duration of using the Forum. The data will be deleted when, for example, the User deletes the account from the Forum, however, limited information may be retained due to legal requirements,
b) The User's activity on the Forum will be preserved (if it does not violate the Forum Regulations) unless the User himself decides to delete his Post or Thread
c) If the User contacted the Company via e-mail correspondence or traditional mail, the Company will have to keep it for legal reasons.

6. Sharing User's data - to whom and on what basis?
6.1 Such part of the User's data as the Username and Avatar, when the User actively uses the Forum, may be visible to other users of the Forum, as well as people outside the Forum. Also, by sharing posts or creating threads (topics) on the Forum, the User shares certain information - this will help create a community for the User that has similar interests, but thus the User's Login and Avatar become visible to other users. Thus, the User decides what data he also wants to share with others.
6.2 Authorized employees and associates of the Company who moderate the Forum need the User's personal data in order to perform their work. Limiting the collection of User's data for employees is set to the minimum necessary to perform their duties.
6.3 Public authorities, including the Police, prosecutor's office or other law enforcement authorities that conduct proceedings in connection with events on our forum.

7.  What are the User's rights?
7.1 The European Union emphasizes the following rights that you have in connection with the processing of personal data:
a) The right to access your data
b) The right to request deletion of data
c) The right to correct data
d) The right to limit data processing
e) Right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority
f) The right to transfer data to another entityTo exercise the rights, please contact the Company via the e-mail address contact@simrail.eu. In case of doubts or difficulties, you can contact the personal data protection officer: iod@simrail.eu

8. Changing the Privacy Policy
8.1 Changes may be necessary due to a change in applicable law or due to changes in the Forum. The User will be informed about the changes made, and information about the change will be officially provided in the new, amended Privacy Policy
8.2  Any changes must not limit the User's rights.

SimRail Forum, Juliusza Kossaka 7, Katowice, Śląskie, 40-653

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