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[AI signalling - Incorrect train regulation] Będzin - Sosnowiec Główny - Katowice Zawodzie 406xx/141xx

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If any of the boxes (Będzin - Sosnowiec Główny - Katowice Zawodzie) are AI controlled and 406xx is bang on time at any of these, the AI will hold 406xx for 141xx to pass, even though according to the timetable the 406xx is booked ahead of the 141xx EC all the way to Katowice main.

It's very annoying if you're driving the 406xx and you're doing your best to keep good time, only for the AI signalling to think it knows better and shove the EC ahead. All that happens in this instance is the 141xx EC arrives at Katowice early and delays the 406xx for 5 minutes for absolutely no reason at all.

Expected behaviour is that if the 406xx is running within +/- 1 minute of time then it should go ahead of the EC and stay ahead of it.

Server: All N/A
Build: EAB 24/04/2024 - 14:12

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  • SIMRAIL Team
Thank you for reporting this issue. A similar problem has already been reported by other users.
Dziękujemy za zgłoszenie tego problemu. Podobny problem był już zgłaszany przez innych użytkowników.
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