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(Dispatcher) PC/CCTV screens operation

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Personally would love to be able to operate dispatcher screens/cctv screens without changing to dedicated screen views. It would improve immersion. 

I understand there is probably technical or performance reasons for this, but has it been tested?

CCTV don't need high fps outside of dedicated view, maybe 15 fps. Same with dispatcher screen.

If you have slower systems it could still be an option to change do dedicated views/disable to the current mode.

Another improvement could be to be able to use  dispatcher/cctv screens on second monitor like the timetable is.

Thanks for reading🙂


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I agree 100%. The reason why they went for a separate screen is definitely the performance but your solution with lower fps (and possibly lower resolution as well) could solve it. At least to the point where it's optional whether one uses a separate screen or keeps the CCTV in the main view.

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Having the CCTV on a different monitor would be nice, though if this is to complicated maybe just have the camera view on the monitor all the time instead of only when you click on it, with it retaining either the last selected view or a quadrant style overview with all camera views (like a security system would have)

Personally I'd also like to be able to Pan & Tilt the camara of the selected view


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