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How to make trains stop at red signal on line?

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When driving on certain lines, trains can enter an occupied section and continue on sight doing 20 km/h. Is there any way to disable it, or instruct a train (run by bot) to not do it?

I was dispatching SG today after a deadlock, which meant that I got quite a backlog of trains coming from Katowice. I managed to clear it but I never got to the point when I'd have no train in the last section - everytime when it almost happened, another train would enter it and continue 20 km/h for two kilometers, which obviously took a lot of time, so another train catched up and so on... It got very frustrating and eventually I gave up. Normal traffic flow could easily be solved by having a train wait on the red signal until the block before him clears and then continue on full speed, but I don't see how I can instruct a bot to do so.

It would also be helpful if mods added more communication options with bot-run stations, for example another way to solve this issue would be to have Zawodzie send trains on the left track which was available, but there's no way to prompt the bot to do so.

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