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[AI Signalling] Kozlow - Sprowa left track

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If you ask the AI at Sprowa for left track running over Line 2, if you happen to have a train also on Track 1 (correct line) the AI will hold whatever that train is at Signal Sp_B regardless of how far away the train sent on Line 2 (Left track) is away.

The AI at Sprowa needs tweaking so that it clears Sp_B (T1) or Sp_A (T2) based on the priority/timetable order of the train.

Server: N/A
Build: EAB 24/04/2024 - 14:12

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This actually seems to be a more common occurrence at many boxes where a left track train automatically gets priority over trains running right track

This fault also occurs when Zw (either player or AI) left tracks trains to Myszków over Track 1. The AI at Myszków will hold trains on Track 2 at My_C until all left tracked trains have cleared Track 1. Not only is this unrealistic, it also causes carnage at Myszków where several trains get held for no reason at all. This also then stops trains that have just spawned in for actually getting a clear signal until the nonsense of left track resolves.

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