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[Scenery] Police (and other van types) have no working headlight/tailights at night

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As per description.

Police (and other van type vehicles, think they're all Police or Ambulances, not really looked!) road traffic had not headlights or tail lights when travelling on the road at night (unless this is prototypical to Poland!)

Server: N/A
Build: EAB 21/04/2024 - 14:12

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i've noticed this too, 

better than how police cars were handled in train simulator classic, where they have their sirens going all the time 😜 

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that'll be to try and save memory / performance in the sim... and will vary depending on your graphics settings in the sim. 

each light source takes up processing power, so if the render distance for the cars headlights is set too far away, sure it looks nice but you are taking a performance hit, 
on some weaker computers this could be the difference between barely running ok and a slideshow experience? 


Gotta draw the line somewhere between a train driving simulator where you are concentrating on driving a train along the tracks, 
and a world around you exploring simulator. 

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