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Vmax not allowed after the train has left the last switch of the station exit

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With this latest update, Vmax behaviour has changed for the worse, and I presume it's not in line with the railway regulations. Mind you, so far I have a sample size of one, almost 4 hour mission (14119 on DE1, so no ETCS, 04.24.). 

When leaving a station with the exit signal showing a 60 kph, 40 kph etc. aspect, apparently you're now meant to drive with that speed until at least the next signal. I play HUDless, so I only found out just how widescale this problem is from the mission graph. At almost every station exit where I had to leave from a non-through track (Strzałki, Idzikowice, Opoczno Południe, Olszamowice, Włoszczowa Północ - all track 3 each except OP) I got massive speeding penalties. Exception to this is were Warszawa Wschodnia, Centralna and Grodzisk Mazowiecki. 

What more, leaving Zawiercie track 1 (with 1 yellow light), the speed limit stayed 100 kph almost all the way to Łazy Lc entry signal. I see nothing pointing to the speed limit here changing, so I can only attribute this to the 100 kph entry signal I entered the station with. 

I believe none of this to be intended behaviour.
Attached is a screenshot of the mission graph, logfile, and the contents of the MissionData folder.


MissionData.zip SimRail_log_2024-04-24_09-19-09.txt

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On 4/24/2024 at 11:01 PM, uetam said:

Are you able to record video with this behaviour?

Hello uetam! I hope you are having a splendid day.

Today I finally got to do another run of 14119, with OBS ready at my hands to record any inconsistencies. It is with great pleasure I can announce that if there ever was a bug after the update, it is gone now with one of the hotfixes. Vmax came up every time as soon as the last vehicle left the last switch, frankly the topic is closed. 

I found too minor blemishes: after Warszawa Centralna, leaving with two yellow lights, the 60 kph line speed came up a hair too soon, I wasn't off the last switch yet. Similarly, in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, the 140 kph line speed came up when I was still fully on the last high speed switches. This is all I could find in close to four hours, not sure what was happening on Wednesday, but it's a thing of the past! Thank you for your availability!

Centralna clip and Grodzisk clip for science.


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