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Play simrail with a steering wheel


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I have coded a program in C that takes input from a steering wheel and maps it to the keyboard. It is available on github for both Linux machines running X11 and Windows machines.

As I do not run windows I have not been able to test the program on there.


Make sure that GeneralSettings.txt is in the same folder as the program itself as this contains the binds for keyboard. You may change these however you want to work better with your current keybinds. The standard GeneralSettings.txt shipped with the program maps throttle down to - and throttle up to + but I have not been able to get it to work with numpad -/+. If you have any problem make sure that keybinds ingame match the keybinds in the settings file.
Plans for v0.2.0:

for the next version I am planning to add mapping from steering wheel buttons to the shunt regulator. I am also planning to add force feedback to make the wheel "snap" to the diffrent states like it does in game.

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v0.2.0 release
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Release of 0.2.0 adds ET22 and buttons for shunt up and shunt down. There are also now instructions for how to make it work on Windows in the readme.

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