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Multiplayer issues since update


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I've tried running two trains yesterday and both times at some point I've become invisible to the dispatchers, couldn't type in chat, and just sat at red lights as the controllers couldn't see me. Other drivers could see me, strangely enough. Today tried running another one - and got randomly disconnected "for an unknown reason" after 10 minutes, with someone immediately hijacking my train. The rest of the server remained working just fine.

I don't know if logs can help in this case, as at no point did the game crash... I saved them just in case. Attached

SimRail_log_2023-11-21_22-08-31.txt SimRail_log_2023-11-22_00-01-09.txt SimRail_log_2023-11-22_20-43-48.txt

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It keeps happening to me after the patch as well. And the last time I played was in the early afternoon, the server was hardly half full. It ghosted me more times that I could count on a local run of the slow line 🤷‍♀️ I also thought it was fixed at first but it doesn't seem to be. It's a really annoying bug as if you're not constantly checking your progress on the livemap, you have no way of knowing it happened - until you stop at a red signal and find out you have no way to communicate with dispatch, while they see you frozen 10 km back the way you came 😅

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