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Pathing Bug on Single Line Junctions


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This bug has existed since the playtest.  See attached video.

It should be noted this can also happen at Sosnowiec Glowny, Psary, and any other station that has this type of branch line, or any single-directional line.  It does NOT happen on regular types of lines (i.e. Katowice to SG to Bedzin).  The issue is the arrow turning red after the train is pathed and not being able to reset the arrow.  I tried to report this during the playtest, but the unneeded Line 62 to SG platforms and the inability to send trains the wrong way gave me a perfect testing bed for this bug.

This can also happen if SP cancels a path to Dandowka, or if a future player-controlled Dandowka cancels a path or misroutes a train to SP.


Why is this an issue?  SP in the past would be unable to send trains.  Now, if I did this going to Dandowka, Dandowka would no longer be able to send trains and I'd be sub signaling trains onto the single line to keep SG clear.


We need a way to automatically reset the arrow to a grey state even with a train on the path, one of those override situations.

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