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Frequent simulator freezes while driving, on Linux with Proton


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I'm using SimRail on Linux, via Proton emulation. The simulator works perfectly, and the frame rates are acceptable, but while driving it frequently freezes (I suppose when loading scenery?) sometimes for just half a second, and sometimes for 5 full seconds or more. This also happens when not moving, if I change view direction (for example when stopped at a station, if I press "2" to look at the train from the outside, and then change view direction).

My GPU is a NVidia GTX1070 with 8GB of RAM.

System RAM is 48GB.

CPU is Intel i5-8500.

The simulator is installed on a very fast PCI-e NVM stick.

I'm attaching the log for my last run.


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I also play on Linux via Steam Play on a waaaay lower spec machine (Ryzen 3 5300U laptop, 16 GB RAM, integrated graphics chip) … and intermittent freezes don’t happen for me. Stuttering, yes. Eventual performance degradation likely due to running out of graphics-available memory, yes. But nothing like what you described.

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5 hours ago, giBBer8 said:

Possibly a RAM issue with saving textures etc? Causes the stuttering in every OS.

If this thing plays on Linux (I use Ubuntu for my astronomy stuff), I'll go Linux all day! 

I ran the playest, and now early access using Proton in Steam, proton experimental originally, and currently Proton Next, performance seems OK most of the time, my windows install (same hardware, different disk..) may be a bit smoother, but most of the time I've played it under Linux it's been fine.


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