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Electrical sparks, arching and discharges simulation

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Electricity is not a boring thing at all, it sparks, arches, there are various colors, it's bright and it can illuminate the area really well. The suggestion focuses on introduction of electricity "playing up" during certain conditions. For example in winter, the overhead wires ice up and due to high voltage you may see the pantograph and wires fighting with each other often. In the rain same thing, you have high voltage and wires and water, there will probably be something said about it.

The first part of the phenomenon is basic physics. Air can only contain a certain amount of water, and when temperature goes down, the relative humidity in the air will rise (but the amount of water will not change). When reaching 100% humidity, the air can't keep any additional water - tiny water drops will form and eventually land on any surface. If this surface is cold (below 0°C), the water will of course turn into ice. So the entire power cable will be covered in a thin ice layer. On to the second part - when the train pickup tries to get contact with the cable (to power the train), the connection will be poor. This part is not really within my field, so I would rather not try to explain the physics going on.

Bellow is your steam achivement challenge once this feature is in the game, can  you create an electric arc using the new system?



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