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Restart consuming trains at stations

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I noticed yesterday that atleast WSD and Zawierce consume any trains upon rebooting that may be in their station.

notable examples:

371XX at Zawierce and 13129 at WSD.


These trains are not respawned by the server upon reboot.  I assume it would be very hard to fix this problem since it involves many variables maybe alternative solutions could be looked into?

Added screenshot is an example of 13129 consumed by the restart. Note it has been consumed by reboots for so long TDRS does not mention it reaching Tunel anymore.



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  • SIMRAIL Team
Thank you for reporting this issue. A similar problem has already been reported by other users.
Dziękujemy za zgłoszenie tego problemu. Podobny problem był już zgłaszany przez innych użytkowników.
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