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Departure Whistle heard occasionally whilst driving

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Every now and then i will hear the departure whistle sound play whilst i am driving. 

It usually happens a few minutes after i've left a station... i depart when i hear the whistle, depart on time, get the 'points for departing the station' etc. 

It's not the whistle for another train to depart a station, as when this happens i am nowhere near any other stations. 


One place it often happens is after Warszawa Wschodnia station, about 500 meters before the bridge you go under... that after going under it the simulation ends. 

I have noticed this mostly when driving the loco hauled services (EU07 and EP08) 

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  • SIMRAIL Team
Thank you for reporting this issue. A similar problem has already been reported by other users.
Dziękujemy za zgłoszenie tego problemu. Podobny problem był już zgłaszany przez innych użytkowników.
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