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Traxx E186 - Radio issue

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In my Scenario if you join the EU07 to the Traxx there is a chance to be an issue with the radio and you can use it anymore. I had this issue once, but forget to save the log this was sent trough one of the players who is tested my scenario. It happens about 1/10 start. Maybe the player doing something wrong, if yes what? We found out it is not only the traxx, it is any vehicle. Further inspections showed if the 2nd vehicle is not operated correctly (join, battery, passive, brakes) than it can brake the first locos radio. Also it seems to be the coupling sometimes is bad(?) Somehow the traxx happened to be the 6th vehicle.

So `Traxx - EU07 - Pwagon - Pwagon - Pwagon -Pwagon`
Shows: `EU07 - Pwagon - Pwagon - Pwagon -Pwagon - Traxx`


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  • SIMRAIL Team
Thank you for reporting this issue. A similar problem has already been reported by other users.
Dziękujemy za zgłoszenie tego problemu. Podobny problem był już zgłaszany przez innych użytkowników.
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