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Restart scenario does not correctly reset the level

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Using the restart scenario option causes the next scenario you load not to work, because the dispatcher will not reply to you.

This has been frustrating to debug as a new player and overall took me ~4 hours of fiddling while I was trying to learn after completing the tutorials. This led to me as a new player having a very poor perception of the game and unwilling to continue supporting.

I hope that this will be able to be fixed soon.


Scenario Zawiercie to Katowice, train EN57.


When I open this scenario from the main menu I get a 1 sentence introduction about it, instructing me to use the radio, I then setup the train and turn the radio on and make a call, I get dispatch without a problem.

When I restart that scenario from the Gameplay Menu, I do not get the 1 sentence introduction and when setting up the radio in the same way, I do not get a reply from dispatch.

End of instructions

As a new player, I was constantly restarting so that I could learn how to correctly run the train, but when I was doing this, I was preventing myself from ever being able to drive past the signal because of this bug.

This guide was very helpful while learning, you can also see two recent commenters at the bottom with the same problem I have reported here. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3157249257

Attached is a log of a 4 hour session. Within the last hour you can find me repeating the issue. I don't think this will be very much help though.



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