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Game crashes after 5-10 minutes

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Looks like you're running out of VRAM, which is odd considering you have 24GB of it. Have you tried to see if turning the textures down does anything?

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Hi, there seems to be a performance problem with the texture resolution after the update.

I never had performance issues, even on high settings. But since the last update everytime when I look around in the cab, the game freezes for a second or so. Like it takes a longer time to load. That can be annoying especially during starting up the ET22, where you have to move a lot through the cabin. FPS while driving is not a problem. Also when I exit the game via the Esc-menu , it can take a while. Sometimes around 30 seconds. So I tried to look for a setting, that could lead to this behaviour.

Today I found it. With just 1/2 of the texture resolution the game works like butter again. No freezing while looking around. I'm wondering, what changed during the last update, as that was never an issue before. Is that problem already known?

But of course, all in all i think it's a great Sim, thanks for the awesone work dear Simrail Team!

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