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Sound bug when moving the mouse

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I have had this error since the release of the game. The problem is that the sound has a kind of doppler effect when you move the mouse. This occurs with various sounds. Here is a video of the horn. However, this also occurs with the ambient sounds, such as the bell at the barrier.

I use a Yamaha AG03 interface. 24Bit and sample rate 192kHz.

If the bug is not yet known, please fix it. I don't know whether this occurs in single player, as I don't play it. 

edit: the error also occurs in single player. Just tested



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  • SIMRAIL Team
Thank you for reporting this issue. A similar problem has already been reported by other users.
Dziękujemy za zgłoszenie tego problemu. Podobny problem był już zgłaszany przez innych użytkowników.
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