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Trains Stuck at Signall 116 in DE1 Warszawa Wschodnia


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as reported by, Moooritz in the multiplayer help request channel in Discord. 
Trains got stuck in Warszawa Wschodnia, specified at the automatic block signal 116.
It seemed, like the trains did not get the permission, to use the 20km/h rule.
If I as a player would take the train, I needed to wait, a few seconds, then it would be given the permission to drive over the red signal with 20km/h. 

In the video you can see, 4120 waiting at the signal for about two minutes. A few seconds after i had finished loading into the train, it got permission.

thanks, have a nice weekend 🙂


SimRail_log_2023-12-01_13-41-38.txt SimRail_log_2023-12-01_14-14-21.txt

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