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More Vibration/Rumble/Force Feedback for Controller

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Controller support is still an ongoing process in the game, so this is something more for the future, but I think controller vibration/rumble should be improved. There should be small rumbles for crossing rail joints (the clack clack sound) where it is stronger at lower speeds, and almost none at high speeds, maybe slight rumble for curved tracks (also stronger the lower the speed), and rumble when crossing rail junctions (even Train Sim World has this now). I have gotten used to the great vibrations from Train Simulator Classic, and to a lesser extent Train Sim World, but I think a lot of immersion can be extracted by implementing these features, especially if there are plans to bring this to console where everyone will be using a gamepad. Please keep this in consideration for the future after more improvements since we can't even rebind the gamepad right now.

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