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AMD CAS should be available regardless of selected AA technique

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I have used reshade since I started playing simrail for 2 reasons, one of them is AMD CAS, because on my 1080p monitor I can't see what's written on the small screens/gauges unless I zoom on it, same for distant signals.

Now that AMD CAS is in the game, why blocking it behind TAA? TAA is (to me) the worst anti-aliasing technique after FXAA, it comes with a ton of artifacts, shimering, ghosting, etc.

In the end it doesnt change much for me since I use reshade for sharpening and other things, but since everyone is not using reshade, you should consider the idea of making CAS available as a standalone option rather than an addon for the TAA.

I've used CAS thanks to reshade, on top of the game with DLSS, for months. It's perfect.

A slider for DLSS sharpening could also be an alternative.


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