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Rendering Issues with Passengers/People


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  • SIMRAIL Team

Hello, so I noticed a peculiar thing today whilst observing passengers at Sędziszów. When I was zooming in with the mouse wheel, I saw more passengers appearing towards the rear of the platform away from me. Now, I know the distance wasn't that great, and so I did a little research to present my case.

First of all, I would like to present the following 2 screenshots, they present the difference in the setting between 164 and 165 meters respectively. This was done to gauge the distance at which the woman wearing the green top is, since we can see her disappear from the 164m screenshot. She is next to the train, towards the end of the platform in the 2nd screenshot.



Right, so we know she is more or less at 165 meters away from the camera, but check this screenshot:


It was taken whilst "zooming in" with the mouse wheel. You can see that just a short distance past her is another group of people, that is NOT visible in the first 2 screenshots. As soon as I scroll back and revert to "normal" zoom, pretty much all people past her just disappear. This is another screenshot with the camera at normal zoom, and the rendering distance set to 500m.


In which you can clearly see no one standing behind her. So it seems that rendering people cuts off at ~175m.

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